Overview KAIBITS Software is a small software company who developed applications (apps) for Android devices. The portfolio contains following apps: Math Quiz HD (free version) Math Quiz HD Pro GeoQuiz (free version) GeoQuiz Pro Flashlight Gallery Lite (free version) Flashlight Gallery Pro Flashlight Gallery Scare Joke HD Scare Joke HD Pro Network Signal Info (free version) Network Signal Info Pro WiFi Overview 360 (free version) WiFi Overview 360 Pro WLAN-o-Matic (free version) WLAN-o-Matic Pro Ping and Trace Pro © copyright KAIBITS Software 2015, all rigths reserved  February 08, 2015 New version from WLAN-o-Matic Pro published, version 1.50.04 January 04, 2015 WiFi Overview 360 / Pro version 2.54.01 published November 04, 2014 New app published called WLAN-o-Matic Pro September 28, 2014 WiFi Overview 360 / Pro version 2.52.04 published June 29, 2014 Network Signal Info / Pro version 2.70.14 published June 21, 2014 WiFi Overview 360 / Pro version 2.50.09 published April 05, 2014 Network Signal Info / Pro version 2.70.06 published March 24, 2014 Network Signal Info / Pro version 2.70.02 published February 10, 2014 Network Signal Info / Pro version 2.60.26 published Network Signal Info 4.2 average rating almost 15000 reviews almost 1.8 million downloads over 8500 5-star ratings WiFi Overview 360 4.2 average rating almost 4000 reviews almost 500 thousand donwloads WLAN-o-Matic 4.5 average rating KAIBITS Software success stories, January 02, 2015 Very good quality apps have a name: KAIBITS Software. All apps have an average rating over 4-stars, thanks to all the reviews. Network Signal Info Pro 4.4 average rating over 2400 reviews over 1500 5-star ratings WiFi Overview 360 Pro 4.4 average rating over 500 reviews WLAN-o-Matic Pro 4.1 average rating WLAN-o-Matic Pro KAIBITS Software has published a new app called WLAN-o-Matic in the Google Play Store. WLAN-o-Matic primarily exists to conserve the battery life of your smartphone, so that your smartphone can AUTOMATICALLY operate for longer periods. It turns off WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data traffic and/or automatic synchronization when they are not needed, and back on when they are needed. Main Features: Automatic switch ON/OFF WiFi, Bluetooth and the mobile data traffic by certain CONTROLS Types of rules: SCREEN, CELL ID, TIME, LOCATION and OFFLINE BREAK Helps to save energy Protect your privacy Automatically learns Many adjustments Widgets ( only Pro version ) Secondly, it can also be used for anonymity on-the-go. With activated WiFi, regular data packets with unique device identifiers are sent out. Sniffers can interpret these and create a movement profile. Not everyone likes this.